In Traditional Chinese Medicine weight gain is due to the accumulation of dampness -fat and excess fluids- that is caused by overeating or improper eating habits. Improper eating habits such as eating late, consuming cold food and drinks or the indulgence in rich foods, put a strain on digestion and ultimately weakening its function. Night time is where the body repairs itself. By keeping the body busy breaking down the late dinner instead of repairing the wear and tear that had occurred during the day, will ultimately weaken digestion over time, leading to unwanted weight gains.

Fresh Air and a Balanced Diet are Essential to Generate Energy

A balanced diet is as good as its absorption into one’s body. That’s where Acupuncture Excels. Acupuncture helps strengthen the digestive system, resulting in an increase of nutrient absorption. Acupuncture also helps the shedding of unwanted weight by triggering excess fluid elimination and fat burning mechanism naturally. Acupuncture helps correct the imbalances of metabolism which in turns minimizes the accumulation of water and fats. Eating habits are as important as eating quality food. You will be guided through your journey with eating tips and recommendations to keep the weight off.

It Is Not Always What We Eat It Is How We Eat


Weight Loss Tips

  • Only eat what your grandmother would recognize as food. and only eat whole foods.
  • Stop eating when not hungry not when you are full.
  • Only consume warm food and drinks, consuming cold food and drinks slows metabolism.
  • Stay warm, a cold body tends to store fat.
  • Go for night walks before going to bed when weather permits.

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